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May 30, 2014: Who Should Be Your Successor Trustee | Danielle Hasty

Getting to the nitty gritty right from the start, I will begin with the idea that no one wants to think about their own death or the thought of being incapacitated and no longer able to handle one’s affairs.  The reality, however, is that these hard facts of life cannot be avoided, but fortunately you [...]

Mar 7, 2014: Ensure Your Legacy with a Plan | Dee Davenport

Half of the US population does not have a plan for what will happen to their estate if they become incapacitated or die.  This is startling because everyone has possessions that they care about and it is essential to designate where and what you want to do with your things. And remember an estate is anything and [...]

Jan 30, 2014: Quarterly Tactical Allocation Update | Sean Barron

Each quarter Sean Barron, portfolio manager in our trust department, publishes an update regarding  Delta Trust’s investment strategies and performance from the previous three months. These posts also share insight on the short term outlooks. We were rewarded in 2013 for taking an optimistic view on risk and what we felt were undervalued equities. Throughout the [...]

Nov 8, 2013: Doing Many Things Well for You

To provide our clients greater support and success, we believe that we must provide each of them a full range of financial expertise. At Delta Trust, our team is made of industry professionals that have exceptional experience and knowledge in the fields of banking, trust, investments, insurance and home financing. This allows us to bring our customers the comfort of complete [...]

Oct 19, 2013: Fourth Quarter Tactical Allocation Update|Sean Barron

Legislation just passed that raises the debt ceiling through February 7, 2014 and will fund the government through January 15, 2014. Although these talks did not impact the market much, the continuing gridlock is beginning to try the public’s and investors’ patience.  We stated in our last quarterly review that we did not expect the Fed to [...]

Sep 16, 2013: Sibling Chaos | Delta Trust Case Study

Delta Trust feels case studies are a great way to illustrate how we have been able to assist families and individuals with real life problems. All case studies are based on true client relationships and experiences. Names have been changed to enact client privacy. Scenario: Ted and Stacy Johnson built a successful automobile sales company. Stacy [...]

Sep 8, 2013: Estate Settlement Made Easy | Sheryl Johnson

No two estates  are the same – every estate settlement is different because every person is different. Below is a simple list of possibilities to help guide you through your own estate planning process: Estates Under $250,000 up to $500,000 (depends on type of assets) You do not have to probate if assets are named properly. [...]

Sep 4, 2013: The Beautiful Wall of Worry | Sean Barron

One of the most dreadful things to occur prior to a busy day at work is a restless night of sleep. You know, one of those in which it feels like you are waking up at every possible hour? And when you feel rest is within arms’ reach…the alarm clock sounds! This is how the [...]

Aug 9, 2013: A Well-Timed Vacation | Larissa Cantarella

Larissa Cantarella was an intern at Delta Trust from November 2012 until May 2013, when she graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a double major in Economics and Finance. Before beginning her now full time job at Delta as an assistant portfolio manager, she spent a month in her home country of Brazil. She [...]

Jul 30, 2013: Common Questions Regarding Real Estate in Your IRA | Stephanie Parker

The trust department at Delta Trust offers you the unique ability to own real estate in your IRA account. This is one of our specialties and you can learn more here.  Since this option is so rare, we often have a lot of questions surrounding property ownership. Here are a few common questions that we [...]

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