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Oct 21, 2013: In Case You Missed It: Do You Have Trust Issues?|Women’s Advisory Council

Don’t worry if you missed our recent Women’s Advisory Council event, Do You Have Trust Issues? The Intricacies of Family Dynamics and Finances. You can watch the French Hill’s informative presentation surrounding real life situations here on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in learning more about our women’s programs you can sign up here to receive our e-newsletter that always includes [...]

Oct 7, 2013: Savings Alternatives in a Low Interest World | Cary Curzon

Since the height of the financial crisis in 2008 interest rates are a frequent topic of discussion. If you are in a position to borrow money, purchase a home or refinance a mortgage, you love these historical low rates. This is a great time for a borrower but if you are a saver you are [...]

Sep 16, 2013: Sibling Chaos | Delta Trust Case Study

Delta Trust feels case studies are a great way to illustrate how we have been able to assist families and individuals with real life problems. All case studies are based on true client relationships and experiences. Names have been changed to enact client privacy. Scenario: Ted and Stacy Johnson built a successful automobile sales company. Stacy [...]

Sep 8, 2013: Estate Settlement Made Easy | Sheryl Johnson

No two estates  are the same – every estate settlement is different because every person is different. Below is a simple list of possibilities to help guide you through your own estate planning process: Estates Under $250,000 up to $500,000 (depends on type of assets) You do not have to probate if assets are named properly. [...]

Aug 14, 2013: Custodial Accounts Aren’t Old Fashioned | Chad Carlson

I love the 529 plan as a college savings tool, but I also think we shouldn’t forget the benefits of a traditional custodial account. The notion that a custodial account (sometimes referred to as a UTMA account) is old-fashioned or out-of-favor misses the point. While UGMAs and UTMAs were traditionally one of the only account types [...]

Jul 18, 2013: Third Quarter Tactical Allocation Update | Sean Barron

Since the financial crisis, short term market movements have been increasingly driven by central banks, government actions, and social unrest. Second quarter’s markets results were largely defined by the following events: First, the Bank of Japan (which has suffered through two decades of low to negative inflation) started an unprecedented easing program that resulted in a [...]

Jul 5, 2013: A Client Conversation: The Reality of Real Rates of Return | Sean Barron

As a portfolio manager, the number one question I have received over the last few years has been “What can I invest in that is safe and has a good yield?” The word “safe” is one that I sometimes have a different interpretation of than does the person asking – safe in terms of maintaining [...]

May 9, 2013: Tactical Allocation Update | Sean Barron

The trust department recently updated our strategic asset allocation (for more detail on our asset management process, click here). Equity returns of the major regions continue to differentiate from each other – with U.S. Equities up 9.6%, Developed ex-U.S. Equities up only 3.8% and Emerging Market Equities down 3.4%. Most developed markets continue to experience [...]

May 8, 2013: Tom Gayner’s 4 Main Investment Principles | Sean Barron

This past weekend, I was in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting. After the BRK meeting, I attended an YPO event and got to hear Tom Gayner, President and Chief Investment Officer of Markel. Mr. Gayner spoke at Delta Trust’s Investment Outlook Conference in 2011, and he is often thought of as the new Buffett of Virginia. [...]

Apr 2, 2013: Why a HSA? | Robert Bumpas

EXPLAINING THE HSA Health savings accounts or HSAs were created to accompany high deductible health care plans (HDHP). Consumers with traditional insurance plans and low deductibles were accustomed to paying their co-pay and not worrying much about the total cost of the medical service or pharmaceutical purchase. High deductible health care plans have since made [...]

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